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Pair separated by gunshots


August 13, 2007 by TIMOTHY ROBERTSON / timothy.robertson@newsday.com

With a kiss goodnight, Kwesi “Roland” Amissah’s fiancee went on a rare night out without him. Amissah, 27, of North Amityville, walked to a Masonic lodge for dinner, where he was shot to death.

Now Saunterris Baker and Amissah’s two young children by another relationship are without their “innocent big baby,” as she called him. Suffolk police have no forthcoming witnesses or suspects, despite their belief that up to 30 people saw the shooting in the tight-knit neighborhood on Friday.

“The code on the street is: you see something, you don’t tell. It’s a very ignorant attitude to have,” she said.

While police have told her that calls are pouring in with information, Baker says no one wants to go on record with police.

“I want this solved,” Baker said. “To think no one’s going to pay for what they’ve done. No one’s going to be behind bars. To think that is unreal.”

Police returned to the Hollywood Lodge on the corner of Coolidge and Rosewood avenues yesterday to work up the case and planned to look at surveillance footage from the lodge.

“We’re reviewing the security tape to see if anything went on inside, but there isn’t any exterior video,” said Sgt. Paul Dodorico.

Suffolk cops said Amissah didn’t show signs of a struggle before he was shot.

Friday was the first and only night the inseparable couple didn’t spend time with each other, Baker said.

“We were stuck like glue,” she said. “That was the one time we weren’t together to eat dinner.”

While Baker, 26, went to Yonkers with her girlfriends, Amissah went alone to the lodge a half-mile from his house.

“He calls me and says, ‘Hey, baby girl, I wanted to call and tell you that I’m here at the lodge. I’m going to get some food, and I’m going to beat you home,'” she recalled at her home yesterday as she stared into space.

Ten minutes later, Baker received a phone call that her fiance was shot.

Cops found Amissah with multiple gunshot wounds to his torso. He was pronounced dead at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in West Islip at 1:10 a.m.

Amissah moved to North Amityville and befriended Baker’s brothers at age 11, and was another big brother to Baker. It wasn’t until March that Baker and Amissah began dating, and just a month ago, the live-in couple got engaged.

“He was such a sweetheart. Everyone that met him fell in love with him,” Baker said.

“It’s God’s work, I won’t question it. But I don’t understand it,” she said as she fought back tears.

Viewing will be Saturday from 10 to 11 a.m., with the funeral immediately afterward at J.F. Goode Funeral Home on Albany Avenue in North Amityville.

Amissah will be buried at Pinelawn Memorial Park.

“I’m taking care of all the arrangements, but I’m pretending that it never happened,” Baker said. “You have to trick yourself for why that person isn’t here.”

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  1. October 28, 2012 at 6:34 am

    My name is Champaigne Amissah and kwesia Amissah is my father.I miss him so much.I wish he was here to see me grow up.Im am 13 years old and i will be 14 November 2,next friday.and im just now finding out what really happen to my dad and im pissed off about it.He pass away in 2007 and its damn there 2013.And nobody found who muder my father.Which really fuc..k up.. I also have a brother Demetrius Amissah who 12 years old and his birthday is April 24,2000.Me and my brother will really like to know who did this to our father.WHO ever did this should be threw under the jail house because they had no right to do this.I was only 9 going on to 10 when dis happen.And i had to spend my birthday without my dad.Somebody really need to do something about dis ,idc how long ago it was because dat person can still be out there killing people for no damn reason.This SHOW!!!! how much police really think they know what the fuc..k they doin.BUt I BEt if 1 of there child go missing they ass will be on dat case in a heart beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLease help us .THANXX

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