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Hello? Media? I said LIVE VIDEO… for FREE

November 16, 2009

Media outlets — newspapers — looking for ways to generate revenue (via web traffic), listen up.

Using live video to report anytime and from anywhere provides a fantastic opportunity to give viewers up-to-date information and a service that is sure to drive traffic, build user loyalty and expand a media outlet’s reach.

At Nassau News Live, we’ve used Livestream (formerly Mogulus) since Feb. 2008. More recently, since Feb. 2009, we’ve used it as an outlet to produce a live webcast (broadcast) that is embedded on our site. We upload the week’s video stories and give a typical broadcast. While we are still working on our model and working to improve our product, we are servicing our public.

We also record and archive our webcasts and users can access them by an on-demand feature.

Its real easy, too.

Create a free account on Livestream. All you need is a web cam and an internet connection. Open up the “studio” function, and it will pick up your web cam. If you just want to go live from here, hit transition to clip, and you are set to start reporting.

That’s the basics. That’s it. And it is free. Absolutely free. (I’ll have a more detailed blog post on how to use Livestream later.)

It isn’t new, but why aren’t media outlets using this feature? It can be used to break stories, and give print an opportunity to break a story first. Essentially, viewers won’t need a television to watch their news — they’ll be coming to your website.

A downside of the free account on Livestream is they will input ads into your on-demand and recorded (not live) video. A paid account removes this and allows an outlet to put its own ads in.

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