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End of Newspapers? Nope – Just a Change

November 2, 2009

Nearly every day I hear the “End of Newspapers” is coming as in The
New York Times won’t exist or local newspapers won’t exist. That’s
just not true. A newspaper operation may not focus on its print
product, and embrace the Web, but its journalism operation will still
be there.

The experience that the reporters at these newspapers across the U.S.
is too great for the newspapers to fail. In fact, more local
newspapers are embracing the Web a lot better than their television
station counterparts. And television has the benefit of already
packaged video. Newspapers have to go an extra mile to add video to
its Web site.

There shouldn’t, however, be a distinction made on the Internet
between and television-based media outlet and a newspaper-based one,
since in the end of the day their Web products should be similar. They
should have vast multimedia content. Live video and reporting, mobile
tools that bring users up-to-date information and publish any time of
day. In the past television and newspapers didn’t directly compete –
now that their media outlets in the same markets (if any of them are
still separate) are both on the Internet, they are now competing and
will have to learn how to handle the new environment of that
competition in terms of advertising and news gathering.

Newspapers as a physical product may dwindle and fade eventually, but
the media outlets that currently produce them will continue to produce
quality journalism – as long as they continue down the path of
embracing the Web, find out how to do in a cost-effective manner and
find a workable business model for the Web.

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